Hi! The name is Abigail. I was born and raised in SoCal and it will always be home. However, I love to travel and will continue to do so. My next stop? The Big Apple! I can't wait! Why photography? Truthfully I want to give all the wonderful people I meet a timeless gift. A gift that allows each one of them to travel back in time to a moment in their lives that has now passed. A chance to relive those smiles, tears, even the feeling of bliss. Photographs don't just capture moments in our lives they tell stories some of us have forgotten about. They comfort us when we're feeling down and out, they bring smiles to our faces. They make us laugh aloud or cry; they evoke the very true emotion we once felt.


My father, growing up he photographed every waking moment of the lives of my siblings and I, and when we grew older he presented each of us with a photo album with all the images he had ever taken of us. It held photos of us individually as well as some of each other. A few were of himself and my mother, photos I had never seen before! I was so blown away and so emotionally touched by it that I knew photography was where I needed to be. If it wasn't for my father I would never be able to look back at all those moments that once were. So wether it's capturing our greatest moments or the simplest ones, our elders, our future, or the present; If we fail to capture these moments in our lives we'll never be able to go back to them. Whether it's to remember a loved ones dimples, or the way dads eyes sparkled when he'd laugh, the way your beloved cried with tears in their eyes out of sheer joy, truth is we all need these moments. I know I do. I look back at old photos of my friends and family quite often, to laugh, to cry, and sometimes even to tease them about what was photographed. This is what I want to give to you, to the world.