February's Pick: Becca Griffith


Becca. What more can a portrait/fashion photographer ask for!? She's cute, charming, fun, and there when you need her. Becca's shoot was a breeze. Earlier in the week I was out doing a ton of yard work, and realized I had the perfect idea for a shoot, and Becca had to be the one to model for me! I had set up the perfect backdrop for her, but needed wardrobe and make-up ideas to go along with it. I shopped around for new jewelry, dresses, and other nick-nacs and was putting colors, patters, shapes, and textures together in my mind like a mad woman. I was so excited! In this particular photo Becca's pose and demeanor was so dead on that I couldn't be more pleased with the shot. It was a semi cloudy day that brought on great diffused lighting. It was quite warm out, however, a perfect day in my opinion.