Cyasia & Justin Zackery

I met, Cissy while working as a server in Pooler, GA in 2015. She is the epitome of "one of a kind," truly! To have worked beside her was a privilege and an honor. When she came to me one day at work about photographing her Big Day I was blown away! I was thrilled to do it. Ecstatic. The amount of time spent on research to prepare for this day was well worth it. I wanted nothing more than to deliver the best to Nyasia and Justin. When I was done adding to her private gallery, I notified her that she was able to view her images. The wait was brutal! I was going back and forth in my mind wondering if she loved the photographs as much as I did. I remember going back to work feeling disappointed in myself, not because I did not feel like I had done my best, but because my one true goal is to allow the Bride to see just how beautiful she truly is. I'm a perfectionist at best, both a blessing and a curse. However, I thrive on it. It pushes me to always deliver my best. Anyway, once I did hear back from her I was relieved! Her text message to me was, "Omg Abby I just cried, laughed, then cried again going through the pictures lol ❤️." That, right there, is what makes it all worth it to me. The ability to bring a smile to someones face, tears of joy, laughter, it's what drives me. Thank you Mr. & Mrs. Zackery of allowing me to be a part of your Big Day. Cissy, I am lucky to have met you and blessed to be the photographer of your choice. I wish you both, love, good health, & lots of babies :P. May you both live long and prosper. 


Side Note: There are hundreds of photographers in this area, in your area, everywhere, but when you are able to find someone that allows you to feel so much a part of their life, even if it is just business, that to me is "the one." That is the kind of person(s) I hope to find every time. So, whether you're a photographer or a Bride on the hunt, don't settle for just anyone. The truth is, there has to be a some kind of connection between you. After all, as a photographer you're going to be part of one of the grandest days in someones life, why not treat them like family or royalty? As for the Bride, we're going to be all up in your personal space, photographing very intimate moments of your life so find someone that makes you feel like family. <3 Best of luck to you all. 



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